ASM Handbook Set (34 Volumes)

ASM Handbook Set (34 Volumes)


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The ASM Handbook series contains peer-reviewed, trusted information in every area of materials specialization. The series is the industry's best known and most comprehensive source of information on ferrous and nonferrous metals and materials technology and is packed with more than 30,000 pages of articles, illustrations, tables, graphs, specifications and practical examples for today's engineer.

Volume 1: Properties and Selection: Irons, Steels, and High-Performance Alloys
Volume 2: Properties and Selection: Nonferrous Alloys and Special-Purpose Materials
Volume 3: Alloy Phase Diagrams
Volume 4A: Steel Heat Treating Fundamentals and Processes
Volume 4B: Heat Treating Technologies

Volume 4C: Induction Heating and Heat Treating

Volume 4D: Heat Treating Irons & Steels

Volume 4E: Heat Treating of Nonferrous Alloys

Volume 5: Surface Engineering
Volume 5A: Thermal Spray Technology
Volume 5B: Protective Organic Coatings
Volume 6: Welding, Brazing and Soldering
Volume 6A: Welding Fundamentals and Processes
Volume 7: Powder Metallurgy
Volume 8: Mechanical Testing and Evaluation
Volume 9: Metallography and Microstructures
Volume 10: Materials Characterization
Volume 11: Failure Analysis and Prevention
Volume 12: Fractography
Volume 13A: Corrosion: Fundamentals, Testing, and Protection
Volume 13B: Corrosion: Materials
Volume 13C: Corrosion: Environments and Industries
Volume 14A: Metalworking: Bulk Forming
Volume 14B: Metalworking: Sheet Forming
Volume 15: Casting
Volume 16: Machining
Volume 17: Nondestructive Evaluation and Quality Control
Volume 18: Friction, Lubrication, and Wear Technology
Volume 19: Fatigue and Fracture
Volume 20: Materials Selection and Design
Volume 21: Composites
Volume 22A: Fundamentals of Modeling for Metals Processing
Volume 22B: Metals Process Simulation
Volume 23: Materials for Medical Devices

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