Anaerobic Waste-Wastewater Treatment and Biogas Plants: A Practical Handbook

Anaerobic Waste-Wastewater Treatment and Biogas Plants: A Practical Handbook

Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9780815346395
Author: Joseph Chukwuemeka Akunna
Dispatch Time: 15 - 30 Days
Format: Hard Cover
Number of Pages: 138
Year of Published: 2018
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  • Brings all aspects of anaerobic biological treatment and biogas production from plant selection guides to final disposal of co-products under one cover
  • Provides readers with the tools to select appropriate products and services from competing technology providers that best meet their circumstances.
  • Shares background and basic knowledge in the subject area, as well as practical operational support
  • Enables plant operators to know when to seek specialist assistance in improving plant performance and/or avoiding plant failure
  • Benefits plant operators in understanding the importance of various design and operational parameters, and in understanding plant short-term and long-term requirements for effective performance

Table of Contents

Preface. Biological Treatment Processes. Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment. Anaerobic Digestion of Organic Solid Residues and Biosolids. Pre-Treatment in Anaerobic Treatment. Post-Treatment, Reuse and Management of Co-Products. Application in Warm Climates and Developing Countries. Case Studies. References. Appendices.

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