Chassis Dynamometer Testing: Addressing the Challenges of New Global Legislation

Chassis Dynamometer Testing: Addressing the Challenges of New Global Legislation

ISBN: 978-0-7680-8278-4
Author: Eduardo Galindo, David Blanco, Chris J. Brace, Edward Chappell, Richard Burke
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Format: Hardbound Binding.
Number of Pages: 250
Year of Published: 2018
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The use of the chassis dynamometer test cells has been an integral part of the vehicle development and validation process for several decades, focusing on the delivery of clean, efficient vehicles globally. This type of testing involves specialists from different fields such as mechanics, ventilation and refrigeration, among others. Not all of them necessarily experts in automotive engineering.

As the demands on chassis dynamometer testing become more exacting and more diverse, the challenge of delivering effective installations and operating procedures becomes ever greater. CHASSIS DYNAMOMETER TESTING sets out to gather knowledge from multiple groups of specialists to better understand the testing challenges associated with the vehicle chassis dynamometer test cells, and enable informed design and use of these facilities.

CHASSIS DYNAMOMETER TESTING analyses the main factors affecting a vehicle in order to closely reproduce them in a testing facility. It provides complete guidance on how these tests should be performed, including the requirements affecting the test cells themselves so that they can be fully optimized.

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