Engineering Applications of Dynamics

Engineering Applications of Dynamics

Publisher: WILEY
ISBN: 9780470112663
Author: Dean C. Karnopp, Donald L. Margolis
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Format: Hard Cover
Number of Pages: 432
Year of Published: 2007
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Designed to address the perceived failure of introductory dynamics courses to produce students capable of applying dynamic principles successfully, both in subsequent courses and in practice, Engineering Applications of Dynamics adopts a much-needed practical approach designed to make the subject not only more relevant, but more interesting as well.

Written by a highly respected team of authors, the book is the first of its kind to tie dynamics theory directly to real-world situations. By touching on complex concepts only to the extent of illustrating their value in real-world applications, the authors provide students with a deeper understanding of dynamics in the engineering of mechanical systems.

Topics of interest include:
* The formulation of equations in forms suitable for computer simulation
* Simulation examples of real engineering systems
* Applications to vehicle dynamics
* Lagrange's equations as an alternative formulation procedure
* Vibrations of lumped and distributed systems
* Three-dimensional motion of rigid bodies, with emphasis on gyroscopic effects
* Transfer functions for linearized dynamic systems
* Active control of dynamic systems

A Solutions Manual with detailed solutions for al problems in this book is available at the Web site,

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