Automotive Handbook, 10th Edition: 2018

Automotive Handbook, 10th Edition: 2018

Publisher: WILEY
ISBN: 9781119530817
Author: Robert Bosch GmbH
Dispatch Time: 2 - 3 Days
Format: Hard Cover
Number of Pages: 1750
Year of Published: 2018
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The new Bosch Automotive Handbook, now in its 10th English edition, has been completely revised and enhanced to include the most recent developments in automotive technology. The expanded content and updated index make using this handbook and looking up technical terms a must-have reference.


The Bosch Automotive Handbook is an authoritative resource with a broad global readership. Students of engineering programs consult it, as do researchers and engineers in the automotive industry. Mechanics who are studying to become master craftsmen also use it as a reference work. Experts trust the well-founded and extensive expertise that can be found in the classic. The Bosch Automotive Handbook is widely regarded around the world as a standard work for automotive technology.


As progress in the field of automotive engineering has grown apace it has expanded from 96 pages in 1936, to 1750 pages today. This new edition is significantly updated, with key changes including more emphasis on electrical systems, and a new chapter on driver assistance systems. Very highly regarded throughout the automotive industry, it is used as a quick easy reference and to deliver the detail necessary for more complex ideas.

  • · Concise technical data and insights
  • · Increased emphasis on electrical systems, and a new chapter on driver assistance    systems.
  • ·1,000+ diagrams, illustrations, sectional drawings and tables
  • ·Handy conversion charts and an easy-to-use topic index
  • · Features contributions from experts in automotive manufacturers, universities and    Bosch itself
  • · Pocket sized for everyday use



including new or greatly revised sections on:


  • · Physics, thermodynamics, chemistry, mathematics, materials, operating fluids, machine parts, joining and bonding techniques
  • · Internal-combustion engines, engine cooling, air-intake systems, turbochargers and superchargers, exhaust-gas system
  • · Emission-control and diagnosis legislation, exhaust-gas measuring techniques
  • · Management for spark-ignition engines, manifold injection, gasoline direct injection, alternative gasoline-engine operation
  • · Management for diesel engines, common rail, start-assist systems
  • · Hybrid drives, fuel cell
  • · Fundamentals of vehicle engineering, motor-vehicle dynamics, vehicle acoustics, vehicle aerodynamics
  • · Suspension, wheel suspension, wheels, tires, steering, brake systems
  • · Antilock braking system, driving-dynamics control system
  • · Vehicle bodies, lighting equipment
  • . Vehicle electrical systems, starter batteries, drive batteries, electrical machines, alternators
  • . ECU, automotive networking, buses, architecture of electronic systems, sensors
  • . Driver-assistance systems, computer vision, Adaptive Cruise Control


Foreword to the 9th Edition

Chapter 1 : Basic Principles
Chapter 2 : Mathematics and Methods
Chapter 3 : Materials
Chapter 4 : Operating Fluids
Chapter 5 : Machine Parts
Chapter 6 : Joining and Bonding Techniques
Chapter 7 : Internal-Combustion Engines
Chapter 8 : Management for Spark-Ignition Engines 
Chapter 9 : Alternative Gasoline-Engine Operation 
Chapter 10 : Management for Diesel Engines 
Chapter 11 : Drivetrain
Chapter 12 : Alternative Drives
Chapter 13 : Emission-Control and Diagnosis Legislation
Chapter 14 : Vehicle Physics
Chapter 15 : Chassis Systems
Chapter 16 : Chassis Control and Active Safety
Chapter 17 : Passive Safety 
Chapter 18 : Vehicle Bodies 
Chapter 19 : Vehicle Security Systems
Chapter 20 : Automotive Electrics
Chapter 21 : Automotive Electronics
Chapter 22 : Comfort and Convenience
Chapter 23 : User Interfaces, Telematics and Multimedia
Chapter 24 : Driver-Assistance Systems


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