Kaizen Express fundamentals for Your Lean Journey

Kaizen Express fundamentals for Your Lean Journey

Publisher: Lean Management Institute
ISBN: 9789384390037
Author: Toshiko Narusawa and John Shook
Dispatch Time: 2 - 3 Days
Format: Hard Cover
Number of Pages: 178
Year of Published: 2014
Our Price: Rs.2150.00

There is now a vast literature of lean methods and principles. But the wide array of materials makes it easy to get lost and waste time pondering just what to do. I constantly encounter firms focusing on high-level issues of lean management, strategy, and corporate culture that have completely ignored creating a solid foundation at the level where the real work is done.

Table of Contents
1. Lets Learn TPS
2. Just-in-Time with Flow, Pull and Heijunka
3. Jidoka and Machines
4. Process Stability
5. The Lean Journey
6. Forms
7. Training Materials
8. Word List & Index

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