Applications of Quality Control in the Service Industries

Applications of Quality Control in the Service Industries

Publisher: Marcel Dekker
ISBN: 9780824774660
Author: A.C. Rosander
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Format: Hard Cover
Number of Pages: 397
Year of Published: 1985
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This volume is the first and only comprehensive treatment of quality control applied specifically to the service industries.
Applications of Quality control in the Service Industries is filled with new ideas, techniques, and methods that simplify identification of organizational problems. This book provides a self-contained, step-by-step “blueprint” for successful implementation of all methods.
This detailed reference combines basic techniques of quality management planning and implementation with special applications for various types of service statistics for quality control and thoroughly explains all statistical methods...discusses specific techniques and methods including time plot, sampling, modelling, and computer-assisted methods for quality control...provides numerous graphs, charts, and tables for easier problem identification...and much more.
Designed to bridge the gap between potential problems and proven solutions, Applications of Quality Control in the Service Industries is recommended reading for quality control specialists and statisticians in banking, insurance, government, health services, transportation, retail, business and personnel services, public utilities, and other service industries; public administrators; auditors and functional and general managers involved in the evaluation of service industries.


Part 1 : Service Industry Applications
Chapter 1 : Introduction
Chapter 2 : Banking
Chapter 3 : Insurance
Chapter 4 : Federal Government
Chapter 5 : State and Local Governments
Chapter 6 : Health Services
Chapter 7 : Transportation
Chapter 8 : Retail Trade
Chapter 9 : Business Services
Chapter 10 : Personal Services
Chapter 11 : Public Utilities

Part 2 : Statistics
Chapter 12 : Basic Concepts in Statistics
Chapter 13 : Empirical Distributions
Chapter 14 : Theoretical Distributions
Chapter 15 : Sampling, Sample Designs, and Sample Sizes
Chapter 16 : Relationship Analysis
Chapter 17 : Tests and Experiments

Part 3 : Techniques
Chapter 18 : Quality: Its Nature, Measurement, and Attainment
Chapter 19 : Exploratory Control by Time Plots
Chapter 20 : Control by Shewhartian Charts
Chapter 21 : Control by Lot Sampling
Chapter 22 : Detection Sampling
Chapter 23 : Control by Estimates
Chapter 24 : Control by Work Sampling
Chapter 25 : Control by Comparisons
Chapter 26 : Control by Measuring Effectiveness
Chapter 27 : Control by Quantitative Models
Chapter 28 : Control by Procedures
Chapter 29 : Quality Management and Quality Costs
Chapter 30 : Computers in Service Quality Control

Appendix : Selected Annotated Bibliography of Books and Pamphlets

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