Focused Equipment Improvement for TPM Teams

Focused Equipment Improvement for TPM Teams

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Year of Published: 2010
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As distinguished from autonomous maintenance, where the main goal is to restore basic conditions of cleanliness, lubrication, and proper fastening to prevent accelerated deterioration, FEI looks at specific losses or design weaknesses that everyone previously thought they just had to live with. Once your TPM operator teams are progressing with their daily autonomous maintenance activities, you will want to take the next advanced step in TPM training with this book.

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Chapter 1 : Thinking Systematically
Chapter 2 : Learning from Breakdowns
Chapter 3 : Accepting the Challenge of One-Step Defect-Free Changeover
Chapter 4 : Dealing with Minor Stoppages
Chapter 5 : Dealing with Speed Loss
Chapter 6 : Using Equipment to Build in Quality

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