Kanban for the Shopfloor

Kanban for the Shopfloor

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Kanban is the name given to the inventory control card used in a pull system. The primary benefit of kanban is to reduce overproduction -- the most critical of the seven deadly wastes. A kanban system produces exactly what is ordered, when it is ordered, and in the quantities ordered. It is essentially a work order that also moves with the material. Each kanban identifies the part or subassembly unit and indicates where each one came from and where each is going. Used this way, kanban acts as a system of information that integrates your plant, connects all processes one to another, and connects the entire value stream to customer demand.

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An Overview of the Contents

Chapter 1 : Introducing Key Terms and Benefits of Kanban
Chapter 2 : The Basics of Kanban : Functions, Rules, and Types of Kanban
Chapter 3 : Phase one : Scheduling Kanban
Chapter 4 : Phase Two : Circulating Kanban
Chapter 5 : Phase Three : Improving with Kanban
Chapter 6 : Reflections and Conclusions

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