TPM for Every Operator

TPM for Every Operator

ISBN: 9781563270802
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Number of Pages: 123
Year of Published: 2010
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TPM for Every Operator covers the information that needs to be communicated to operators when facilitating a company-wide TPM initiative. It covers the main aspects of TPM, introducing frontline workers to this important manufacturing strategy that encourages them to participate in and even initiate routine maintenance that can help extend machine life and prevent stoppages. Based on actual implementations, this book addresses the challenges which TPM often raises for operators. Concise and accessible, it can be used as part of an extensive TPM training program, especially when paired with the TPM Guide for Workshop Leaders

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Chapter 1: Our TPM
Chapter 2: Using Machines Efficiently
Chapter 3: Eliminating Breakdowns
Chapter 4: Autonomous Maintenance
Chapter 5: Team Activities
Chapter 6: TPM and Safety 
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