TPM Team Guide

TPM Team Guide

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Year of Published: 2010
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TPM involves employees companywide in preventing equipment abnormalities and breakdowns. The first line of defense: equipment operators-the people most familar with daily operating conditions. In addition to regular cleaning and inspection, team-based improvement activities make effective use of operators' hands-on knowledge.

How do you organize TPM teams and keep them vital? TPM Team Guide tells supervisors, workgroup leaders, and operators how to develop the teamm-based skills required for sucessful TPM implementation. Geared toward TPM projects, it describes basic elements of improvement activities for any kind of shopfloor team.

TPM Team Guide gives simple explanations of basic TPM concepts such as the six big losses, and emphasizes the integration of TPM activities with production management. Chapters describe the team-based improvement process step by step, from goal to standardization of the improved operations. Team leaders will learn how to hold effective meetings and deal with the human issues that stand in the way of success. The tools for team problem solving and the steps for preparing a good presentation of results are detailed here as well.

Written in simple language, with abundant illustrations and cartoon examples, this book makes TPM activities understandable to everyone in the company. Frontline supervisors, operators, facilitators, and trainers in manufacturing companies will want to use this practical guide to improve company performance and build a satisfying workplace for employees.

Publisher's Message
Chapter 1 : TPM and Team Activities
Chapter 2 : Tips for Managing TPM
Chapter 3 : Managing Team Activities
Chapter 4 : Keeping Activities Alive
Chapter 5 : Making Effective Presentations
Chapter 6 : The Workplace Audit
Chapter 7 : Tools for Team Activities
Chapter 8 : Questions and Answers
Further Reading on Tools for Teamwork
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