Engineering Management: People and Projects

Engineering Management: People and Projects

Publisher: Battelle Press
ISBN: 9780935470710
Author: Anton K.; McVinney, Charles; Shainis, Dekom, Murray J.
Dispatch Time: 2 - 3 Days
Format: Hard Cover
Number of Pages: 310
Year of Published: 1995
Our Price: $34.95

Engineering Management is a guide for the first level engineering manager/supervisor/leader and the "manager without authority" - the project engineer/task leader/lead engineer. The book is practical and straightforward and is designed to help engineers deal with the realities of too little time, not enough resources, and little power. 

Written in simple language and without references to academic tomes in non-engineering fields, Engineering Management offers a practical approach for technical people with managerial or supervisory responsibilities but little formal management training.


Chapter 1. : Managing in a Technical Environment : An Overview
Chapter 2. : Delegation
Chapter 3. : Communication
Chapter 4. : Motivation and Interpersonal Relationships
Chapter 5. : Leadership : Where Style Meets Substance
Chapter 6. : Managing Upward : How to Deal with Your Boss
Chapter 7. : Managing Conflict
Chapter 8. : Managing Effective Teams
Chapter 9. : Managing Without Authority
Chapter 10. : Creativity and Innovation
Chapter 11. : Managing Change
Chapter 12. : Time Management
Chapter 13. : Performance Appraisal and Evaluation 
Chapter 14. : Training and Development
Chapter 15. : Projects and Their Nature
Chapter 16. : Project Planning
Chapter 17. : Project Set-Ups : The Basic Tools
Chapter 18. : The Scheduling Process
Chapter 19. : Accounting for Project Costs
Chapter 20. : Project Budgets
Chapter 21. : People in Projects
Chapter 22. : Project Reporting
Chapter 23. : Computers in Project Management
Chapter 24. : Project Conclusion


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