Advanced Product Quality Planning and Control Plan (APQP) 2nd Edition

Advanced Product Quality Planning and Control Plan (APQP) 2nd Edition

Publisher: AIAG
ISBN: 9781605341378
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Format: Paper Back
Number of Pages: 108
Year of Published: 2008
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The APQP manual provides general guidelines for ensuring the Advanced Product Quality Planning is implemented in accordance with the requirements of the customer. It does not give specific instructions on how to arrive at each APQP or Control Plan entry. These guidelines are intended to cover most situations that can normally occur in the early planning or design phases, or during process analysis. Questions about these guidelines should be directed to your authorized customer representative.

The benefits of the APQP or Control Plan would be a reduction in the complexity of products quality planning for the customers and organizations, and a means for organizations to easily communicate product quality planning requirements to suppliers.

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