Statistical Process Control for Real-World Applications

Statistical Process Control for Real-World Applications

Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9781439820001
Author: William A. Levinson
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Format: Hard Cover
* Number of Pages: 272
Year of Published: 2011
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The normal or bell curve distribution is far more common in statistics textbooks than it is in real factories, where processes follow non-normal and often highly skewed distributions.Statistical Process Control for Real-World Applicationsshows how to handle non-normal applications scientifically and explain the methodology to suppliers and customers.

The book exposes the pitfalls of assuming normality for all processes, describes how to test the normality assumption, and illustrates when non-normal distributions are likely to apply. It demonstrates how to handle uncooperative real-world processes that do not follow textbook assumptions. The text explains how to set realistic control limits and calculate meaningful process capability indices for non-normal applications. The book also addresses multivariate systems, nested variation sources, and process performance indices for non-normal distributions.

The book includes examples from Minitab®, StatGraphics®Centurion, and MathCAD and covers how to use spreadsheets to give workers a visual signal when an out of control condition is present. The included user disk provides Visual Basic for Applications functions to make tasks such as distribution fitting and tests for goodness of fit as routine as possible. The book shows you how to set up meaningful control charts and report process performance indices that actually reflect the process' ability to deliver quality.

Table of Contents

Traditional Control Charts
Variation and Accuracy
Statistical Hypothesis Testing
Control Chart Concepts
Setup and Deployment of Control Charts
Interpretation of x‑bar/R and x‑bar/s Charts
X (Individual Measurement) Charts
Average Run Length (ARL)
z Chart for Sample Standard Normal Deviates
Acceptance Control Chart
Western Electric Zone Tests
Process Capability and Process Performance
Goodness-of-Fit Tests
Multiple Attribute Control Charts

Nonnormal Distributions
General Procedure for Nonnormal Distributions
The Gamma Distribution
The Weibull Distribution
The Lognormal Distribution
Measurements with Detection Limits (Censored Data)

Range Charts for Nonnormal Distributions
Traditional Range Charts
Range Charts with Exact Control Limits
Range Charts for Nonnormal Distributions

Nested Normal Distributions
Variance Components: Two Levels of Nesting

Process Performance Indices
Process Performance Index for Nonnormal Distributions
Confidence Limits for Normal Process Performance Indices
Confidence Limits for Nonnormal Process Performance Indices

The Effect of Gage Capability
Gage Accuracy and Variation
Gage Capability and Statistical Process Control
Gage Capability and Process Capability
Gage Capability and Outgoing Quality

Multivariate Systems
Multivariate Normal Distribution
Multivariate Control Chart
Deployment to a Spreadsheet: Principal Component Method
Multivariate Process Performance Index
Control Charts for the Covariance Matrix

Appendix A: Control Chart Factors
Appendix B: Simulation and Modeling
Appendix C: Numerical Methods

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