Aluminum Alloy Castings : Properties, Processes, and Applications

Aluminum Alloy Castings : Properties, Processes, and Applications

ISBN: 9780871708038
Author: J.G. Kaufman and E.L. Rooy
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Format: Hard Cover
Number of Pages: 340
Year of Published: 2004
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Aluminum Alloy Castings provides property and performance data for all types of aluminum alloy castings and reviews and describes the factors that contribute to and affect those properties, including composition, microstructure, casting process, heat treatment, and quality assurance. The volume features extensive collections of property and performance data, including previously unpublished aging response curves, growth curves, and fatigue curves. These data are presented in consistent formats to enable easy comparisons among different alloys and tempers.

The authors have endeavored to address all of the casting process technologies available for aluminum alloys. Engineering information is included for expendable mold, permanent mold, and pressure die casting processes and their variations. The focus of the process coverage is to review the effects of process selection and process variables on casting properties and performance. Representative examples of aluminum castings applications are provided.

This book will be of significant value to materials and design engineers involved in the evaluation, selection and specification of aluminum casting applications and to casting producers as a means of better understanding, quantifying, improving, and promoting the performance characteristics of aluminum castings.


Chapter 1 : Aluminum Casting Alloys
Chapter 2 : Aluminum Casting Processes
Chapter 3 : The Effects of Microstructure on Properties
Chapter 4 : The Effects of Porosity and Inclusions on Properties
Chapter 5 : Hot Isostatic Pressing
Chapter 6 : Heat Treatment of Aluminum Castings
Chapter 7 : Properties and Performance of Aluminum Alloy Castings
Chapter 8 : Property Data Sets : Aging Response Curves
Chapter 9 : Growth Curves
Chapter 10 : Stress-Strain Curves
Chapter 11 : Tensile Properties at High and Low Temperatures and at Room Temperature after High Temperature Exposure
Chapter 12 : Creep-Rupture and Creep Properties
Chapter 13 : Rotating-Beam Reversed-Bending Fatigue Curves

Appendices : Glossary of Terms
Abbreviations and Symbols
Test Specimen Drawings
Alloy Index
Subject Index

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