5S for the Office: Organizing the Workplace to Eliminate Waste

5S for the Office: Organizing the Workplace to Eliminate Waste

ISBN: 9781563273186
Author: Don Tapping, Thomas A. Fabrizio
Dispatch Time: 2 - 3 Days
Format: Hard Copy with CD
Number of Pages: 192
Year of Published: 2015
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In 5S for the Office : Organizing the Workplace to Eliminate Waste, Tom Fabrizio and Don Tapping bring the concepts of the 5S System -- effective tools for the elimination of waste on the shop floor -- into the office environment. The activities at the heart of 5S for the Office (organizing, ordering, cleaning, standardizing, and sustaining all of these) are completely logical. They are the basic rules for managing any effective workplace. However, it is the systematic method with which the 5S system approaches these activities that makes it unique.

This book is a blueprint for building a Lean foundation for your office, and:

Provides detailed step-by-step implementation on how to apply 5S to your office activities.
Includes forms, worksheets, and photos that will allow you to "see" the value of 5S, thereby increasing sustained support of the implementation. The accompanying CD contains blank versions of many of the worksheets that appear throughout the book. The worksheets on the CD, however, are interactive - the user can electronically enter and save information right on the particular form.
Can be used as a training and implementation manual.

Readers of this book can immediately apply the concepts of 5S to their office and administrative activities, resulting in the elimination of waste, reduced production costs, and increased profits.

About the 5s System
Why the 5S System is necessary
The 5S target: office waste
How to use this book
A note about the CD

Chapter 1 : Prepare the Project
Step 1 : Get management involvement
Step 2 : Identify target area(s)
Step 3 : Form an implementation team

Chapter 2 : Perform an Office Scan
Step 4 : Select project measures and collect baseline data
Step 5 : Photograph current conditions
Step 6 : Apply the office scan checklist
Step 7 : Post a project storyboard

Chapter 3 : Sort Through and Sort Out
Step 8 : Develop criteria for Sorting
Step 9 : Prepare a holding area for Sorted items
Step 10 : Start Sorting!

Chapter 4 : Set Things In Order and Set Limits
Step 11 : Map the current state of the target area
Step 12 : Develop a Set-in-Order plan
Step 13 : Apply the Set-in-Order process

Chapter 5 : Shine and Inspect Through Cleaning
Step 14 : Determine the criteria for Shine
Step 15 : Develop and implement a plan for Shine

Chapter 6 : Standardize Conditions and Share Information
Step 16 : Determine and implement standards for the ideal state
Step 17 : Implement visual controls

Chapter 7 : Sustain the Gains
Step 18 : Roll out training for everyone
Step 19 : Make 5S a habit
Step 20 : Continue to improve

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