Total Productive Maintenance

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Autonomous Maintenance in Seven Steps : Implementing TPM on the Shop Floor
Autonomous maintenance is an especially important pillar of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) because it enlists the intelligence and skills of the people who are most familiar with factory mach..
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Equipment Management in the Post-Maintenance Era: A New Alternative to Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
Recent advancements in information systems and computer technology have led to developments in equipment and robotic technology that have permanently changed the characteristics of manufacturing equip..
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Focused Equipment Improvement for TPM Teams
As distinguished from autonomous maintenance, where the main goal is to restore basic conditions of cleanliness, lubrication, and proper fastening to prevent accelerated deterioration, FEI looks at sp..
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Implementing TPM : The North American Experience
Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is an extremely effective strategy for increasing industrial competitiveness in today's worldwide economy. Enlightened company leaders are recognizing that TPM is a ..
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P-M Analysis : An Advanced Step in TPM Implementation
In this large-format implementation manual, TPM experts explain P-M Analysis. (A methodology that makes zero losses a reality in your TPM program.) P-M Analysis is designed to help your TPM teams anal..
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Practical TPM : Successful Equipment Management at Agilent Technologies
Agilent Technologies, formerly Hewlett-Packard's Test and Measurement Division, operates an integrated circuit fabrication plant in Fort Collins, Colorado. Guided by Masaji Taijiri, the author of 7 St..
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Total Productive Maintenance, 2nd Edition
Completely revised and updated, this new edition of a classic reference focuses on the financial approach to the subject—a methodology that produces quantifiable results allowing a TPM program to be s..
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Total Productive Maintenance: Strategies and Implementation Guide
A systematic approach to improving production and quality systems, total productive maintenance (TPM) involves all employees through a moderate investment in maintenance. Therefore, a successful TPM i..
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Total Productivity Management (TPmgt): A Systemic and Quantitative Approach to Compete in Quality, Price and Time
Poised to influence innovative management thinking into the 21st century, Total Productivity Management (TPmgt), written by one of the pioneers of productivity management, has been a decade in the mak..
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TPM for Every Operator
TPM for Every Operator covers the information that needs to be communicated to operators when facilitating a company-wide TPM initiative. It covers the main aspects of TPM, introducing frontline ..
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TPM for Supervisors
The benefits of advanced manufacturing methods can't be realized until they're practiced consistently and proficiently by your entire workforce. Here's a simple, low-cost way to get everyone on board ..
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TPM for the Lean Factory: Innovative Methods and Worksheets for Equipment Management
Lean manufacturing cannot happen in a factory that lacks dependable, effective equipment. Breakdowns and processing defects translate into excess work-in-process and finished inventory, kept on hand "..
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TPM for Workshop Leaders
Workshop leaders play a central role in your company's efforts to implement TPM. Once your workers have been divided into small groups to learn the fundamentals of TPM, it is the group leader who spea..
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TPM Implementation : A Japanese Approach
(Price including our handling and courier charge) Total productive maintenance (TPM) is a new approach to plant maintenance that combines preventive maintenance with total quality control and emplo..
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TPM in Process Industries
Process industries have a particularly urgent need for collaborative equipment management systems like TPM that can absolutely guarantee safe, stable operation. Process industry plants must operate co..
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