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Advanced Product Quality Planning and Control Plan (APQP) 2nd Edition
The APQP manual provides general guidelines for ensuring the Advanced Product Quality Planning is implemented in accordance with the requirements of the customer. It does not give specific instruction..
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B-10 Trading Partner Labels Implementation Guideline
Table of Contents Introduction Normative References Definitions Label Concept Label Format Label Data Content Label Quality Label Placement and Orientation Special Application Co..
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B-18 Returnable Transport Item Tracking (RFID Pilot) White Paper
This document provides the activities and lessons learned from the RFID Pilot for Returnable Containers. ..
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B-8 Quality Assurance Guideline for Shipping Labels
Quality Assurance Guide for Shipping Labels and Other Bar Code Applications (Linear and 2D). The purpose of this document is to provide a practical guide to trading partner label quality assurance...
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BS   131-4:1972 Notched bar tests. Calibration of pendulum impact testing machines for metals
Impact testing, Metals, Bars (materials), Mechanical testing, Test equipment, Pendulums, Calibration, Verification, Inspection, Testing conditions, Supports ..
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BS   969: 2008 Specification for limits and tolerances on plain limit gauges
Plain gauges, Gap gauges, Plug gauges, Ring gauges, Linear measuring instruments, Fits, Dimensional tolerances, Marking, Inspection ..
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BS  4449:2005+A2:2009 Steel for the reinforcement of concrete. Weldable reinforcing steel. Bar, coil and decoiled product. Specification
BS 4449:2005 + Amendment 2 2009 Specification for carbon steel bars for the reinforcement of concrete BS 4449 has been amended and is the British standard that specifies the requirements for ribbed..
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BS  7121-2:2003 Code of practice for safe use of cranes. Inspection, testing and examination
How does it work? BS 7121-2 first refers to the personnel carrying out pre-use checks, in-service inspections and thorough examinations. The standard then explains periodic pre-use checks and in-se..
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BS 18004:2008 Guide to achieving effective occupational health and safety performance
Occupational safety, Environment (working), Health and safety requirements, Health and safety management, Safety measures, Management, Management techniques, Planning, Performance, Accident prevention..
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BS 25999-1:2006  Business continuity management. Code of practice
BS 25999-1:2006 is a code of practice that takes the form of guidance and recommendations. It establishes the process, principles and terminology of business continuity management (BCM), providing a b..
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BS 25999-2:2007 Specification for business continuity management
The requirements specified in BS 25999-2 are be generic and intended to be applicable to all organizations (or parts there of), regardless of type, size and nature of business. The extent of applicati..
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BS 65000 Guidance on organizational resilience
BS 65000 - Guidance for Organizational Resilience Resilience is crucial for any organization to survive and prosper. But what exactly is resilience and how can it be improved? The new stand..
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BS EN 10218-1:1994 Steel wire and wire products. General. Test methods
Steels, Wires, Cold-working, Annealing, Hardening, Coated materials, Tempering, Mechanical testing, Testing conditions, Specimen preparation, Compression testing, Etch inspection, Hardness testing, Di..
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BS EN 10218-2:1997 Steel wire and wire products. General. Wire dimensions and tolerances
Wires, Steels, Circular shape, Diameter, Dimensional tolerances, Coated materials, Thickness, Length, Straightness measurement ..
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BS EN 13458-1:2002 Cryogenic vessels. Static vacuum insulated vessels. Fundamental requirements
Cryogenic equipment, Cryogenics, Pressure vessels, Static pressure vessels, Vacuum devices, Pressure, Cryogenic liquids ..
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