Statistical Process Control

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Advanced Topics in Statistical Process Control
This book is the most comprehensive source book on statistical process control since Shewhart’s original. It is the definitive book, containing a wealth of information found nowhere else. Unlike books..
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Making Sense of Data: SPC for the Service Sector
This book addresses the issues of using data analysis tools in service or administrative settings. Written in the easy, reader-friendly style of Understanding Variation, but with the in-depth con..
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Normality and the Process Behavior Chart
Having a normally shaped histogram is not a prerequisite for placing your data on a process behavior chart. Neither is it inevitable that a predictable process will display a mound shaped histogram. ..
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Practical Process Improvement
Tired of creating tool zombies with little to show for it? Not getting the results you expected from Six Sigma? Try Practical Process Improvement! This book presents a program for leadership in the..
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Profiles in Quality Learning From the Masters
This book traces the history and development of the Quality movement by focusing on its early authorities and by comparing, contrasting, and placing their theories in a modern context. The author's "R..
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Quality & Six Sigma from the Inside Out
This thought-provoking story illustrates what ought to occur in organizational changes. But reality rarely follows theory, especially when organizational culture gets in the way. Research suggests the..
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Real People Real Work
These 25 parables about everyday people, human interactions, and the nature of responsibility and creativity are packed full of lessons about leadership and the effect that each of us has upon those w..
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Reducing Production Costs
Everyone who is trying to do more with less needs this book! By using a proven methodology of reducing production costs, this book shows you how to evaluate paybacks so that you can pick winning im..
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Short Run SPC
In this book you will learn how process behavior charts can be used effectively with limited amounts of data. Part One shows how to track a process while making different products: diffe..
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SPC at the Esquire Club
This is a service example you won’t forget! The story is a simple one with a strong message—a powerful case study of Continual Improvement Tools being used successfully by workers with limited mathema..
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Statistical Process Control A Pragmatic Approach
People with minimal math skills, and even those with advanced math skills, have difficulty grasping the intuitive concepts behind Statistical Process Control (SPC). Many practitioners do not understan..
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Understanding Statistical Process Control Third Edition
This internationally acclaimed textbook (often called the blue book) is widely used for teaching SPC and Continual Improvement techniques to those who work in manufacturing and process industries. ..
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Understanding Variation - the Key to Managing Chaos
We live in the Information Age, and much of that information comes to us in the form of numbers. Before numerical information can be useful, however, it must be analyzed, interpreted, and assimilated...
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