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80 - 20 Rule
In a Quality Management System (QMS), it is very important that each & every employee of the company understands how the achievement of key performance indicators (KPIs), helps in meeting the comp..
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Our Goal - Zero Defects
This designer poster OUR GOAL - ZERO DEFECTS is used to inspire people in organizations towards the ultimate goal of QUALITY MANAGEMENT - to achieve defect-free products and services. Digitall..
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QCD for customer satisfaction
This designer poster is used as a visual display product to educate people on QCD (Quality, Cost & Delivery) - the 3 major components of customer satisfaction as prescribed by Imai Masaaki, the Ja..
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Quality Delights! It is giving something special... beyond what is expected!
This designer poster QUALITY DELIGHTS helps to promote a culture of Quality at the workplace. Digitally Printed Laminated & Mounted Ready to display Size 20”× 25”  ..
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Quality First! Everyday, every hour, every second... It's giving your best every time... all the time
Quality is a word that is misused, mistreated and misunderstood at the workplace a lot of times. Quality does not refer to a single aspect of a product or a single aspect of a process. Quality is a ha..
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Quality Leads! It is the difference between being average or being number one!
This designer poster QUALITY LEADS acts as a very useful visual display product that helps to promote a culture of Quality at the workplace. Digitally Printed Laminated & Mounted Ready to displ..
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Quality Matters! Anything which is worth doing ...is worth doing well!
It is said that those people become successful, who, adhere to highest quality standard in whatever they do. This designer poster QUALITY MATTERS acts as a powerful visual display product at the workp..
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The Quality Management Tree
This designer poster QUALITY MANAGEMENT TREE describes the concept of \\\'Quality Management\\\' by comparing it with a tree. This product can be used as an educational aid to train people on the impo..
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