Metal Forming

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ASM Handbook Volume 14B: Metalworking: Sheet Forming
This comprehensive reference on sheet metal forming and fabrication provides state-of-the-art reference information for product and production engineers. Coverage addresses all methods of sheet metal ..
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BS   131-4:1972 Notched bar tests. Calibration of pendulum impact testing machines for metals
Impact testing, Metals, Bars (materials), Mechanical testing, Test equipment, Pendulums, Calibration, Verification, Inspection, Testing conditions, Supports ..
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Handbook of Metal Forming
This book has earned the reputation as the most respected introduction to metal-forming technology in print today. The Handbook of Metal Forming focuses on practical solutions covering production meth..
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Inspection of Metals : Understanding the Basics
Inspection of Metals - Understanding the Basics covers the technology of inspection of metals, the main emphasis on final part inspection at the manufacturing facility or on receipt at the user's..
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Joining : Understanding The Basics
Extending ASM's Understanding the Basics series into fabrication technologies, this book is an introduction to the most important industrial joining methods: welding, brazing, soldering, fastening, an..
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Lightweight Materials: Understanding the Basics
This book covers the properties, processing, and applications of lightweight materials– aluminum, magnesium, beryllium, titanium, titanium aluminides, engineering plastics, structural ceramics, and co..
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Mechanics Modeling of Sheet Metal Forming
Functioning as an introduction to modern mechanics principles and various applications that deal with the science, mathematics and technical aspects of sheet metal forming, Mechanics Modeling of Sheet..
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Metals Fabrication : Understanding The Basics
Covers the basics of metal fabrication, delving deep into characteristics and applications of fabrication processes. Topics include: primary mill fabrication, casting, bulk deformation, forming, machi..
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Phase Diagrams: Understanding The Basics
This well-written text is for non-metallurgists and anyone seeking a quick refresher on an essential tool of modern metallurgy. The basic principles, construction, interpretation, and use of alloy pha..
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Quick Changeover Simplified: The Manager's Guide to Improving Profits with SMED
A Quick Start Guide for Setup and Changeover Reduction for Managers Quick Changeover Simplified: The Manager's Guide to Improving Profits with SMED, by Fletcher Birmingham and Jim Jelinek, is for c..
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Sheet Metal Forming Fundamentals
Sheet forming fundamentals are thoroughly addressed in this comprehensive reference for the practical and efficient use of sheet forming technologies.  The principle variables of sheet forming—in..
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Sheet Metal Forming Processes and Applications
This practical and comprehensive reference gives the latest developments on the design of sheet forming operations, equipment, tooling, and process modeling. Individual chapters cover all major sheet ..
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Sheet Metal Forming Processes and Die Design
By an engineer with decades of practical manufacturing experience, this book is a complete modern guide to sheet metal forming processes and die design – still the most commonly used methodology for t..
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Sheet Metal Forming Processes and Die Design, 2nd Edition
This long-awaited new edition of a best-selling text and reference provides an expanded and more comprehensive treatment of sheet metal forming processes, while placing forming processes and die desig..
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Sheet Metal Stamping Dies Die Design and Die Making Practices
Overview Finally, in a single volume, a reference that presents engineering-level information on press-working sheet metal, die design, and die manufacturing!   Sheet Metal Stamping Dies..
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