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A Roadmap to Green Supply Chains : Using Supply Chain Archaeology and Big Data Analytics
This book shows the relationship between the sustainability movement and supply chains. It provides ..
Our Price: $79.95
Assembly Automation, Second Edition A Management Handbook
Success in automatic assembly design and operation comes from an awareness and sensitivity to a mult..
List Price: $60.00
Our Price: $53.00
Discount : 12%
Benchmarking Best Practices for Maintenance:  Reliability and Asset Management Updated for ISO 55000
Updated to account for ISO 55000. thid best -selling book now includes an overview of this seminal a..
Our Price: £49.95
Benchmarking Best Practices In Maintenance Management, 2nd Edition
This best selling book presents a logical, step-by-step methodology that enables any company to prop..
Our Price: $49.95
CAD Systems in Mechanical and Production Engineers
Using practical examples and illustrations, this book explains the application of CAD systems to mec..
List Price: £35.95
Our Price: £32.35
Discount : 10%
Commercial Steel Estimating : A Comprehensive Guide to Mastering the Basics
There has never been available a compilation of information on steel estimating such as this one in ..
Our Price: $99.95
Complete Guide to Preventive and Predictive Maintenance, 2nd Edition
This best-selling and thoroughly revised reference shares the best practices, victories, essential s..
Our Price: $59.95
Die Design Fundamentals, 3rd Edition
Retaining its unique and much praised organization, this leading text has been revised to reflect th..
Our Price: $52.95
Dimensional Management : A Comprehensive Introduction
A complete treatise on the subject of dimensional management, this book is designed to provide the r..
Our Price: $57.95
Geometric Modeling, 3rd Edition
Completely updated to include the most recent developments in the field, the third edition like the ..
Our Price: $55.95
Geometric Transformation
Written specially for engineers and mathematicians working in computer graphics, geometric modeling,..
Our Price: $60.95
Geometric Transformations for 3D Modeling, 2nd Edition
Explores and develops the subject in much greater breadth and depth than other books, offering reade..
Our Price: $65.95
Handbook of Dimensional Measurement, 5th Edition
The fifth edition provides comprehensive state-of-the-art treatment of all known dimensional measure..
Our Price: $89.95
Industrial and Manufacturing Wellness : The Complete Guide to Successful Enterprise Asset Management
When humans are “well,” they are in a state where body, mind, and spirit are holistically integrated..
Our Price: £69.95
Inspection and Gaging, Sixth Edition
Overview Inspection and Gaging, Sixth Edition is concise yet comprehensive. This highly accl..
List Price: $57.00
Our Price: $50.00
Discount : 12%
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