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20 Keys to Workplace Improvement
20 Keys has helped many manufacturing companies integrate the top manufacturing improvement methods ..
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5 Pillars of the Visual Workplace : The Sourcebook for 5S Implementation
In this important sourcebook, JIT expert Hiroyuki Hirano provides the most vital information availab..
Our Price: Rs.3195.00
5S for Operators : 5 Pillars of the Visual Workplace
The five pillars of the visual workplace: sort, set in order, shine, standardize and sustain are the..
Our Price: Rs.2450.00
5S for the Office: Organizing the Workplace to Eliminate Waste
In 5S for the Office : Organizing the Workplace to Eliminate Waste, Tom Fabrizio and Don T..
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Our Price: £35.99
Discount : 10%
A Revolution in Manufacturing : The SMED System
Written by the industrial engineer who developed SMED for Toyota, this book contains hundreds of ill..
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A Study of the Toyota Production System: From an Industrial Engineering Viewpoint
This is the "green book" that started it all -- the first book in English on JIT, written from the e..
Our Price: Rs.1795.00
Achieving Lean Changeover : Putting SMED to Work
Taking a holistic approach, this book examines changeover/SMED (single minute exchange of die), the ..
Our Price: Rs.3995.00
Advanced Quality Planning : A Commonsense Guide to AQP and APQP
Advanced Quality Planning: A Commonsense Guide to AQP and APQP is the first book dedicated to e..
List Price: Rs.6300.00
Our Price: Rs.5650.00
Discount : 10%
Autonomous Maintenance for Operators
TPM leads to soaring productivity when your operators are positively and energetically involved in t..
Our Price: Rs.2450.00
Autonomous Maintenance in Seven Steps : Implementing TPM on the Shop Floor
Autonomous maintenance is an especially important pillar of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) ..
Our Price: Rs.4595.00
Benchmarking : The Search for Industry Best Practices That Lead to Superior Performance
Benchmarking is the master key to becoming the best. This groundbreaking reference is for middl..
Our Price: Rs.3195.00
Cellular Manufacturing: One-Piece Flow for Workteams
Productivity's Shopfloor Series books offer a simple, cost-effective approach for building basic kno..
Our Price: Rs.2450.00
Change Management: Manage the Change or It Will Manage You
Change Management: Manage Change or It Will Manage You represents a substantial core guidance&n..
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Change or Die : The Business Process Improvement Manual
Leadership success depends on clarifying and simplifying complex problems while maintaining a positi..
List Price: Rs.4100.00
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Competitive Innovation and Improvement : Statistical Design and Control
In this book, statistical design and control are combined in a novel way to solve problems quickly w..
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