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Advanced Topics in Statistical Process Control
This book is the most comprehensive source book on statistical process control since Shewhart’s orig..
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Making Sense of Data: SPC for the Service Sector
This book addresses the issues of using data analysis tools in service or administrative settings. W..
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Normality and the Process Behavior Chart
Having a normally shaped histogram is not a prerequisite for placing your data on a process behavior..
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Practical Process Improvement
Tired of creating tool zombies with little to show for it? Not getting the results you expected from..
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Profiles in Quality Learning From the Masters
This book traces the history and development of the Quality movement by focusing on its early author..
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Quality & Six Sigma from the Inside Out
This thought-provoking story illustrates what ought to occur in organizational changes. But reality ..
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Real People Real Work
These 25 parables about everyday people, human interactions, and the nature of responsibility and cr..
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Reducing Production Costs
Everyone who is trying to do more with less needs this book! By using a proven methodology of red..
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Short Run SPC
In this book you will learn how process behavior charts can be used effectively with limited amounts..
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SPC at the Esquire Club
This is a service example you won’t forget! The story is a simple one with a strong message—a powerf..
Our Price: $20.00
Understanding Statistical Process Control Third Edition
This internationally acclaimed textbook (often called the blue book) is widely used for teaching SPC..
Our Price: $109.00
Understanding Variation - the Key to Managing Chaos
We live in the Information Age, and much of that information comes to us in the form of numbers. Bef..
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