Handbook of Comparative World Steel Standards: 5th Edition; 2016

Handbook of Comparative World Steel Standards: 5th Edition; 2016

Publisher: ASTM
ISBN: 9780803170773
Author: John Bringas
Dispatch Time: 15 - 30 Days
Format: Hard Cover
Year of Published: 2016
Our Price: $499.00
The intent of this handbook is to allow the user to identify comparable steels that are found in standards from around the world and then to evaluate each complete standard on its own merit to ensure that the selected steel is suited for the intended application. This handbook is not designed to be the sole source of information for selecting a comparative steel and is not intended to be used as a replacement for steel standards. This handbook is one tool in the process of comparing steel standards from around the world.

Get a detailed explanation of how and why one steel is comparable to another. No other book, currently on the market, does this. Compare standards from ASTM, AFNOR, API, ASME, BSI, EN, CSA, DIN, GB, ISO, JIS, and SAE.

This edition includes:
  • 6,100+ steels
  • 450+ worldwide standards
  • 275+ new or updated standards
  • Latest new, revised, and updated steel standards
  • 155,000+ pieces of data
  • 30,000+ pieces of Chinese steel data
  • Changes from AFNOR, BSI, and DIN to their CEN designations
  • Criteria for comparing steels
  • Explanation and examples of designation systems of ASTM, SAE, UNS, and CSA
  • Introduction to European (EN) standard steel designation systems
  • Changes from DIN, BSI, and AFNOR to their new EN designations

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