Kaizen for Quick Changeover Going Beyond (SMED)

Kaizen for Quick Changeover Going Beyond (SMED)

ISBN: 9781563273414
Author: Keisuke Arai, Kenichi Sekine
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Format: Hard Copy
Number of Pages: 315
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Year of Published: 2012
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Changeovers in 3 minutes or less! That is the result of the process described in this book. Picking up where Dr. Shingo's Single Minute Exchange of Die left off, it streamlines the process even further to reduce changeover time and cut staffing requirements in half simultaneously!

The book describes how to achieve quick changeover in virtually any type of production environment with: the book includes—
  • A succinct eight-step process for setup improvement
  • Nine basic principles for eliminating changeover waste
The book begins by outlining the tactical principles for improving the three phases of the changeover procedure. Next it demonstrates how to improve changeover on a processing line. All of the ideas presented are based on kaizen improvements, which require very little, if any, expenditure. Process razing and the implementation of one-piece flow are also examined as means to eliminate wasteful transportation and searching.
Publisher's Message
Part I. Basics
1    Steps in Changeover Improvement
What is Zero Changeover ?
Zero Changeover for Small Presses
Zero Changeover in a Large Press Line
Zero Changeover for General-Purpose Presses
A Rotary System for Auto Changeover
Test Your Skills
2    Steps Toward Zero Changeover
Gaining a Practical Grasp of Changeover Loss Time
A Declaration of Support from Top Management and Formation of the Changeover Improvement Team
Open Changeover Demonstrations and Observation, Video Recording, and Analysis of Factory Operations
Applying Analysis Results to Three Types of Waste
Goal-based Thinking to Remove Waste
Red-Tag Strategy (Creating Wide-Participation Improvement Plans)
Implementing Improvements
Evaluating Results and Horizontal Deployment
Test Your Skills
3    A Formula for Achieving Zero Changeover
Eliminating Setup Waste
Eliminating Replacement Waste (Waste in Removing and Attaching Items)
Eliminating Adjustment Waste
Test Your Skills
Part II. Processing Line Changeover Improvement Approaches
4    Changeover on Processing Lines
What Is a Processing Line?
Eliminating Changeover Waste from Processing Lines
Multi-process Horizontal Handling of Equipment
Inexpensive U-shaped Cell Design for Press Processing
Example of a Processing Line Changeover Improvement
5    Making Inexpensive Improvements to Reduce Staffing Needs
Which Comes First: Changeover Improvement or New Line Layout? (A Study in Improving Processing Lines that Include Changeover )
Press Automation
Building Better Processing Lines at Little Cost
Parallel Machining Lines
Example of Labor Reduction on an Automated Press/Robot Line
Test Your Skills
6    Steps for Improving New Processing Lines
The TPS Method of Line Improvement
Study Current Conditions (P-Q Analysis, etc.)
Use Process-Route Analysis to Group Products into Families
The TPS Method for Drafting Operation Instructions
Simplified Method (The S Method)
Test Your Skills
Part III. Improvement Case Studies
7    Zero Changeover in Press Line Processing
Steps in Company T's Zero Changeover Campaign
Improvement Examples
Summary of Results and Issues for the Future
8    Single Changeover in the Steel Forging Industry
A Factory from 20 Years Past
Before Improvement: Changeover in 1 to 2 Hours
The First Move Toward Single Changeover
Success in Single Changeover
Effects of Single Changeover
Expanding Single Changeover
9    Zero Changeover for Transfer Machines
Problems in Manufacturing Department No.1
Overhaul Strategy
Elimination of Setup Waste
Effects of New Changeover Instructions
Establishing Improvement Study Groups and Small Improvement Projects
Toward Single Changeover
Examples of Improvements Leading to Zero Changeover
The Business Advantages of Zero Changeover
Machining Center Changeover Improvement
10    Changeover Improvement Steps for the Process Industry
Seven Types of Waste in Process-Industry Factories
Changeover Improvement on Filling Lines
Steps to Zero Changeover
Changeover Points for a Papermaking Machine
Test Your Skills
11    Zero Changeover for PCB Auto-Inserters
Principles for Auto-Inserter Changeover Improvement
12    Zero Changeoverfor a Sheet Metal Factory
Doubling Productivity in the Sheet Metal Factory
Start of Changeover Improvement
Use of Auto-feed Mechanisms (MT)
13    Zero Changeover for Plastic-Molding Machines
Overview of Company S
Problems at Company S
Seven Types of Waste at Company S
Improvement Steps for Changeover of Plastic-Molding Machines
Another Company S Achieves Single Changeover in Color Changing
Using Cassettes for Changeover on Injection-Molding Machines
14    Zero Changeover for Die-Cast Machines
Zero Changeover at Company O
Company U's Approach to Zero Changeover
Improvement Ideas
15    Zero Changeover for Assembly Lines
Which Is Better: Mixed-flow or Reduced Staffing on Assembly Lines?
Shortening Production Design Lead Time Is Even More Important than Improving Changeover
On Assembly Lines, Changeover Happens at the Previous Process

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