TPM in Process Industries

TPM in Process Industries

ISBN: 9781563270369
Author: Tokutaro Suzuki
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Year of Published: 2012
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Process industries have a particularly urgent need for collaborative equipment management systems like TPM that can absolutely guarantee safe, stable operation. Process industry plants must operate continuously for long periods to be cost-effective. Accidents and breakdowns involving even one piece of equipment can shut down an entire plant and endanger life and the environment. The resulting financial losses can be devastating. In the past seven to eight years, many process industries in Japan and the U.S. have found it profitable to build TPM programs based on their existing preventive maintenance and quality improvement programs.

In TPM in Process lndustries, top consultants from the illustrious JIPM (Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance) document approaches to implementing TPM in process industries. This book follows the format of TPM Development Program, the original TPM "bible," which focuses primarily on fabrication and assembly industries. JIPM consultants adapted and modified the original program to suit the unique needs of process industries.

This book is a must for anyone implementing TPM in a process industry plant. The material is focused for process environments and on equipment issues such as process loss structure and calculation, autonomous maintenance, equipment and process improvement, and quality maintenance. As it represents the latest thinking on TPM, any manager facing low operator/machine ratios, managing large equipment, or coordinating extensive improvement activities will want to read this book.

Publisher's Message

Chapter 1 : Overview of TPM in Process Industries
Chapter 2 : Maximizing Production Effectiveness
Chapter 3 : Focused Improvement
Chapter 4 : Autonomous Maintenance
Chapter 5 : Planned Maintenance
Chapter 6 : Early Maintenance
Chapter 7 : Quality Maintenance
Chapter 8 : Operating and Maintenance Skills Training
Chapter 9 : TPM in Administrative and Supportive Departments
Chapter 10 : Building Safe, Environmentally Friendly System
Chapter 11 : TPM Small-Group Activities
Chapter 12 : Measuring TPM Effectiveness



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