Poka-Yoke : Improving Product Quality by Preventing Defects

Poka-Yoke : Improving Product Quality by Preventing Defects

ISBN: 9780915299317
Author: Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun
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Format: Hard Copy
Number of Pages: 295
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Year of Published: 2012
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If your goal is 100% zero defects, here is the book for you — a completely illustrated guide to poka-yoke (mistake-proofing) for supervisors and shop-floor workers. Many poka-yoke ideas come from line workers and are implemented with the help of engineering staff or tooling or machine specialists. The result is better product quality and greater participation by workers in efforts to improve your processes, your products, and your company as a whole.

The first section of the book uses a simple, illustrated format to summarize many of the concepts and main features of poka-yoke. The second section shows 240 examples of poka-yoke improvements implemented in Japanese plants.

Publisher’s Foreword
Overview of Poka-Yoke

240 Poka-yoke Examples
Chapter 1 : Processing Errors
Chapter 2 : Assembly Errors
Chapter 3 : Mounting Errors
Chapter 4 : Inclusion of Wrong Items
Chapter 5 : Insertion Errors
Chapter 6 : Assembly Omissions
Chapter 7 : Processing Omissions
Chapter 8 : Measurement Errors
Chapter 9 : Dimensional Errors
Chapter 10 : Omissions of Operations
Chapter 11 : Operations Errors
Chapter 12 : Pasting/Labeling Errors
Chapter 13 : Inspection Errors
Chapter 14 : Wiring/Contact Errors
Chapter 15 : Painting Errors
Chapter 16 : Printing Errors
Chapter 17 : Misalignment
Chapter 18 : Set-Up Errors
Chapter 19 : Packing/Wrapping Errors
Chapter 20 : Mismatched Jigs and Dies
Chapter 21 : Rinsing Errors
Chapter 22 : Miscellaneous Problems

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